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ok, it didnt work out so well....

but nyway, the new sissy friend, which works as "sissy for all", help oyu carrying, money coutning and so on....a good, useful(:P) friend(be honest, if oyu tihnk she onyl uses him, thats what most so called sissies wish, or not?....)

saldy too cheesy, but coudlnt stop it at the end....

i seem to need mroe time for normal worsk, xso better oyu get used oyu odnt soo muhc in short time :D...

greetings, bnlm
Wimpe Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
GREAT concept (high-end department stores should incorporate this), but there would have to be some ground rules set up so that the genuine women's husbands and boyfriends don't get jealous (if there's anything a sissy fears more than an angry mistress, it's an insanely jealous 'real man', whether boyfriend or husband).

Rule 1: No physical contact beyond brief hugs at the beginning and end of each shopping session, with the added option of platonic sisterly "air-kisses" that women give each other to avoid messing up their makeup. Sympathetic touches to the hand, forearm, or shoulder are acceptable as long as they are brief and infrequent.

Rule 2: So as not to confuse the customer, the sissy cannot look like a masculine man in any shape, way, or form. His outfit, accessories, hair, and makeup must be approved in advance by his manager as well as the husband or boyfriend in question. In addition to carrying his own purse, he must carry the customer's also, in addition to all of her shopping bags.
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehe, love this idea. We could start some sort of "Sissy Friending Agency", eh?

The slogan: "We help sissies meet their mistresses" :D
betternotlookme Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
great idea, best over net, with information about location, age, interest, hobbies, gender :not needed XD , :D..
but in the end seems it has to change into a rent sytem like cars, low mistresses and so many sissies, it works out better to plan part time sissyfriends XD....

greetings, bnlm
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